Sound for television, film, and web/online content

  • Documentary (genres such as social/cultural topics, nature, sports)
  • Reality (including 14 seasons of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and related series)
  • Scripted comedy and drama
  • Cartoons (Domestic & foreign cartoons dubbed to English)
  • Game shows
  • Cooking shows
  • Educational series
  • Daily web shows (about news, entertainment, music, lifestyle, sports)
  • English dubs of foreign language shows/films

I’ve worked on series for all the major US networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox), streaming services (Netflix, Amazon), and many cable networks (MTV, VH1, BBC America, Nat Geo, Cartoon Network, Food Network, PBS, SyFy, plus others).

Primary job duties

  • Re-recording mixer (including promo and pre-dub mixing)
  • Sound supervisor
  • Music/score mixer

My background

I started my formal audio education in 1999, finished two degrees, and got into post-production sound in LA in 2004.

If you look at my iMDB credits, I’ve worn a lot of hats. There’s two main reasons:

1. My first post-production job was working for a studio (Pacific Soundwaves, which is no longer around). I had industry veterans teaching me to do everything from ADR and Foley to sound editing and mixing. It was an amazing environment (and an experience I wish more people could have!) It prepared me for a wide variety of opportunities that have come up over the years.

2. Working on indie projects (such as feature-length films). When you’re the one responsible for everything sound-related (start to finish), you learn about everything from tech to scheduling. I’ve even done troubleshooting in Premiere to help some assistant editors in a technical crisis. Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to meet a deadline!

What I like to do for work

I like interesting projects, work that I find challenging or creative, and working with people who treat their crew with respect. I love documentaries and educational content (but I’ll consider any project!)

Both of my degrees are in music (Sound Recording/Music Technology). When I work on scores, I mix music with the knowledge of what a re-recording mixer is going to do with it (because I am one!) I also communicate with the sound team when I’m working with the music team to help bridge the gap. I do the same with the music team when I’m working as a re-recording mixer or sound supervisor.

Work Samples – Trailer/Promo

Clio Winning promo: The Simpsons Art Complex :10 (videos at link)

Music Demo – Please Contact me.

TV/Film Samples

Much of my past tv and film work can be seen on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other services.